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      Chemspec 1 billion order for Texas to bring the total turnover of more than 15 billion
      Date: 2015-01-29

      Currently, the debt crisis in Europe and America by the upgrade, the international market demand is low, import and export power weakened. With rising domestic labor costs and appreciation of the renminbi, the export situation is not optimistic, consumer demand has been sluggish. Was watching the situation in export demand and sluggish domestic demand pattern, the by-line e-commerce businesses under the exhibition was organized by the blitz.

      November 22-24, by the China Chemical Network and the China Branch of CCPIT chemical industry co-sponsored the "2011 China International Fine Chemical Industry Exhibition" held in Shanghai. Carry out the first day of the show more than 10,000 professional audience participation, including foreign professional exhibition visitors reached more than 800 people, show turnover of up to 15 billion yuan, of which 5.3 billion yuan site transactions, turnover of 9.7 billion yuan of intent, and create indexes a new high.
      As the domestic chemical industry's leading professional exhibition, this exhibition has been in the global chemical industry, formed a powerful influence and appeal, has also been touted around the country Chemical Industrial Park. This year the exhibition, only Dezhou Municipal Government organized a delegation of 50 companies by the Party Secretary-General personally "command" exhibit. During the exhibition, Dezhou show business altogether 100 new products, new technologies, and more than 300 enterprises in the negotiations, a total of 26 entered into a collaboration, amounting to 950 million yuan, more than 2,000 people received counseling visit.
      It is reported that the recent Dezhou chemical companies to develop, market development for the industry cluster development space. Another Texas chemical industry cluster gathering a large number of SMEs, the radiation effect on the surrounding relatively strong. Industrial clusters play a role after the e-commerce platform, will greatly promote the development of related industries, as people start to build up a solid industrial base.
      And the participated Netsun and chemical CCPIT organized Chemspec get nearly 1 billion of orders, which greatly promoted the development of the chemical industry in Texas. The city expects large-scale chemical enterprises realized a total sales revenue of 78 billion yuan, 110.3% early goal to complete the task; invest 12 billion yuan in fixed assets, 120% complete the task early goal. Very promising.
      It is understood that, in order to resolve the fine chemical industry exhibitors and audiences too broad, too lack of other issues, the 2012 China International Exhibition of fine chemicals and custom (conference official website: spechem.chemnet.com/) will be set up in four zones: "Chemical Equipment Pavilion "," fluorosilicone and specialty materials exhibition, "" water treatment chemicals Pavilion "," university research institutions technology Showcase "exhibition currently each have accumulated a considerable number of exhibitors.
      Experts said the Chemspec Netsun and chemical CCPIT organized by the blitz, this aspect of the business thanks to the platform after years of accumulated treasure has strong advantages in resources. On the other hand, the economic downturn makes more companies choose to participate in the show the way to get new buyers.
      According to reports, this exhibition is Netsun (Toocle.cn) since 2008, following the first run of the fourth event for the industry, since the data held in the core areas and other exhibitors have hit record highs, in 2009 it has become a global fine chemical industry stands the largest and most exhibitors, the highest turnover in professional exhibition.

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